Specialising in Cyber Security incident identification and response, Brace168 is uniquely positioned in todays market to provide a vast experience in managed security services to meet the needs of all business types.

B Aware

Traditional means of security protection are not as effective as they once were – it’s impossible to prevent something you do not know or cannot see. In today’s digital landscape, it’s all about detection and control. Early detection offers protection, keeps you compliant, and allows you maximum time to take effective action. Be confident that you can detect threats and control them so that your business is covered… financially and reputationally.

B Compliant

Compliance begins with Visibility. Over 70% of companies who are breached find out about the breach via a third party. This raises the question: how would your organisation know if there has been unauthorised access?

The Brace 168 B Compliant service monitors and reports on user activity to establish a baseline of normal activity, against which to detect abnormal activity. In the event of abnormal activity, alerts are raised and responded to accordingly.

B Protected

B Protected focuses on an organisations “outside in” security protection securing data in motion in and out of the network. The external threats, come in two main forms, targeted attacks, such as DDoS and exploiting available vulnerabilities, and non-targeted such as script kiddies and random port scans looking for exploits.

B Secure

Brace168’s B Secure is all about preventative controls focusing on inside out security. Making sure that your posture is good to start and controlling the flow of threats within and into your network. It’s about making sure that you have the controls in place to understand when things are not right and how to remediate them so that you remain safe from Malware.


Cybersecurity - The Facts

Along with with cyber security breaches, come some serious facts. The impact of cyber security incidents in Australia is increasing rapidly, as technology is becoming more sophisticated. These incidents can come at a massive cost to companies and organisations, as well as leaving them vulnerable to further incidents in the future.

Ensure the uptime and availability of your critical assets and have the confidence you are complying with the governments new data breach regulations.

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