Understand your risk, design your future.

Identify and detect the unique security vulnerabilities you are susceptible to with Brace168’s holistic cyber security approach, driven by the NIST framework. Brace168 builds innovative IT and cyber security solutions that work seamlessly across your business, organisation or government department, to strengthen and grow as you do.


The Facts

Cyber security is vital to all businesses as no company is immune to cyber attack.

Businesses are increasingly targeted. In 2019, business email compromise scams caused the largest losses in Australia of any scam type. The most financially damaging scams involved invoices between businesses, suppliers or individuals being intercepted and amended with fraudulent banking details.

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Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 2020


Brace168’s risk-informed managed security services move away from informal and reactive strategies that simply do not do enough to safeguard your critical infrastructure in today’s adverse environment.

Your risk profile

We assess and discover the sophisticated threats, vulnerabilities and tolerances unique to your risk profile through our ISO27001 and CREST certified professional services, and our B Aware product range. In gaining a complete understanding of your business, your resources that support critical functions (systems, people, assets, data and capabilities) and the related risks here, we’re able to help you prioritise your efforts to safeguard against security incidents.

NIST Framework

This aligns with the first function of the NIST framework, an evolving global standard of best practices to improve security and resilience of critical infrastructure from cyber security threats, as developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


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Discuss your unique security posture with our expert cyber security team at Brace168 today.


CONSIDER AN INNOVATIVE AND INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENT THAT WORKS SEAMLESSLY ACROSS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, SYSTEMS, AND ALL CONNECTED DEVICES. Not only does it allow effortless yet secure access and availability for your team from anywhere, the security posture protects data in motion, inside and out of your network.

Inside out approach

External threats are malicious in nature and protecting your publically available systems is paramount. However, the majority of data breaches occur from within an organisation, either by accident or malicious intent. Our expert team’s 60+ years of collective experience and demonstrated passion in cyber security strategy work to your advantage.

Refine and define
your strategy

Our B Secure and B Protected suites of cyber security products and managed services translates to world-class technology and cyber security solutions at your fingertips that strengthen and grow as you do. We develop and integrate safeguards to limit and contain the impact of a cyber security event; delivering awareness and training for your team, processes and procedures, ongoing maintenance, identity management and access control.




Our B Compliant SIEM/SOAR incident monitoring and responsive service offering delivers Visibility and Response, Network Intrusion Detection, User Access Activity and DNS Monitoring (external). By understanding a baseline of normal activity, abnormal activity is detected in real-time, alerts are raised and responded to accordingly. Discover how our sophisticated managed security services can secure your critical infrastructure today.

Brace168 Data Centre

Brace168’s highly secure data centre guarantees SOC2, ISO27001 and HIPPA certifications for all of your critical infrastructure and data requirements.

Security Operations
Centre (SOC)

Brace168’s managed SOC houses an expert information security team who detect, analyse, and respond to your cyber security alerts and incidents in real time. Monitoring options include extended business hours (9am to 7pm) and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SOAR Security Service

The automation and standardisation of comprehensive data gathering and log management empowers our expert SOC security analysts to concentrate their efforts into meticulously investigating to security alerts and incidents around your  critical infrastructure.


At Brace168, the moment abnormal activity is detected in your environment from our  Sydney-based Security Operations Centre (SOC), our highly certified cyber security analysts take remediative action in real-time.

It’s far from sitting around and waiting for a third-party or systems developer to alert you of a vulnerability in your system. In elevating your unique security posture, and mitigating the financial and reputational liability of a breach, we implement Response Planning, Communications, Monthly Reports and Regular Analysis.

This means a few things for you…

With a dedicated team of skilled analysts watching over your environment 24×7 you have peace of mind and it frees up your time to do what you do best in business. You have the confidence of compliance with government regulations, and the surety of the uptime and availability of your critical infrastructure. For businesses that rely on technology, this sophisticated service is vital. Reliance on technology, communication and interconnectivity is ever increasing, and with it the expansion of potential risk and vulnerability to business operations.


With your assets safeguarded by our expert team, you experience complete support. What’s more is the Brace168 approach continually evolves to meet the ever-changing and dynamic digital environment, so you’re supported well into the future.

“Since selecting Brace168, our business has grown. We no longer spend time and energy worrying about IT, Technology and Security issues. We now use this extra time to grow and develop our business, knowing we are always going to be ahead of the curve.”

John Delaney
Managing Director


What does recovery currently look like for your security posture in today’s dynamic and challenging environment of new threats, risks and solutions?

Everything we do to identify, assess and manage cyber risk and incidents in your critical infrastructure is concurrent and continuous.


This means from the very beginning of our engagement your security posture benefits from a tailored recovery plan, so that in the case of your capabilities or services being impaired by a sophisticated cyber security event, our expert team have measures and backups to ensure minimal downtime. We action repairs to any damage and resume your IT, technology, security and communications to normal operations as quickly as possible. Since 2013, we’ve successfully delivered prioritised, flexible, cost-effective and performance-based cyber security solutions to a range of businesses across diverse industry. For sophisticated support, solutions and services that transform the way you do business, contact us today.

“Similar to financial and reputational risks, cyber security risks affects a company’s bottom line. It can drive up costs and affect revenue. It can harm an organisation’s ability to innovate and to gain and maintain customers.”

National Institute of Standards and Technology, US.

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Everything just worked!

Our business relies on technology. Since 2008 we have financed over 10,000 SaaS, IT&T and Energy business transactions. Our journey really started when we realised we had to ‘digitise’ to keep up in our competitive market. We’d developed our own App to improve and speed up our customer decision-making ability but needed a stable IT infrastructure to run it on, along with our ever-expanding global business.

Brace168 transformed our business from a typical ‘IT On-Premise model’ to totally in the Cloud, managing our global access (US, UK and Australia), ensuring our internet, network and data security including remote system patching, maintenance and upgrades to allow our App to continue to provide us a competitive market edge. All this for a simple per user cost each month.

When COVID-19 hit, our business was unaffected. Our ‘Work from Home’ transition was “invisible”. Everything just worked!

Since selecting Brace168, our business has grown. We no longer spend time and energy worrying about IT, Technology and Security issues. We now use this extra time to grow and develop our business, knowing we are always going to be ahead of the curve.

Brace168 personnel have always been there for us, like a partner in the business, providing proactive advice on all matters of technology, yet allowing us the flexibility of making our own final decisions.

John Delaney
Managing Director