Supply Chain Risk Management

Gone are the days when enterprise and business assets are secured behind a perimeter of layered security controls. Technology advancement and the boundless need to leverage technology outcomes to achieve efficiencies and meet business goals have changed the narrative. The adoption of digital transformation, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT, and an increased […]

Partner News – Check Point Harmony offer

Email Security It’s hard to believe – but most organisations are still seeing unwanted, potentially malicious emails in their inboxes. The reasons for this are many and varied, but in summary, they come down to three main challenges; Attackers do what works. Threat actors are investing significant time and resources to improve the quality of […]

Cyber Security Risk in your Supply Chain

Sensitive information is exchanged in the course of you consuming goods and services to conduct your business.  That exchange is increasing in volume and frequency as you digitise remaining tasks and outsource more non-core functions.  This presents a broadening opportunity for malicious parties to monetise their efforts including selling your information in underground markets or […]

Hacks – Examples of major Supply Chain attacks

Supply chain attacks occur when a third-party provider of software or hardware is exploited and attackers use this to further infiltrate customers of these providers. A prevalent example of this is the SolarWinds attack. The SolarWinds (SW) attack took advantage of SW’s Orion product which is a network management system, and attackers leveraged this product […]